Puppy Videos

Videos to show some of the puppies we have bred – healthy, confident well socialised puppies with excellent temperaments!


Sherrygold “Future Honey” – Toy Poodle (8 weeks)

Breeder: Sue Thomas

Sherrygold “Tempted Witch” – Toy Poodle (10 weeks)

Breeder: Sue Thomas


7 Comments on “Puppy Videos

  1. Hi there, I am looking for a tiny toy poodle …a loving home is ready and waiting for the right pup. We are looking for a little girl, not red or white but open to all other colours. I have been looking at the video of your puppies and they look perfect for us.

  2. Hello, I’m looking for a pet toy poodle,If you have any could you please email me with availability photo’s and price.

    Thank you in advance


  3. Hello,

    I’m enquiring as to whether you may have a toy poodle puppy for sale.

    The new poodle would be a pet and a companion for our 4 year old Male Shih Tzu who has been neutered.

    We are a small family. I work from home (part time) for 3 years now, my partner is semi retired and our 22 year old son works full time. We have a reasonable sized garden and live in a rural area in Hampshire. Therefore exercise and fresh air isn’t an issue.

    We have always talked about getting a companion when our Shih Tzu reaches 4 and he was 4 in April. I’ve been told that Shih Tzu and Poodles make good companions (and they are highly intelligent dogs too).

    Happy to discuss.

    Kind regards,
    Lorraine Baptiste

  4. Hi, we’re possibly looking for a Miniature poodle to join our family of 1 10yr old Labrador and 16yr old son and my husband and myself. We live in a semi rural location backing onto a forest so any puppy will have lots of space. I work part time and my husband works from home so there’s always someone around. We wondered if you had any puppies available at some point this year? Many thanks Kirsty

  5. Hello I met you in West Wittering beach a while ago and kept your details. I have been waiting until I was ready to have another toy poodle. I would like a silver but would consider others. I know your poodles are fabulous so I can’t think of anywhere else I’d go to buy one. Do you think it’s likely over the coming year you might have a litter, maybe a silver toy? I grew up with poodles so love the breed. Thank you

  6. Good evening.
    We are trying to make contact with a reputable breeder of toy poodles. The internet is a complete minefield and we are aware that it is so important to get this right! We have been considering adding a small dog to our family for quite a while and have made the decision to take the next step. I wonder if you are able to assist?
    We are completely in love with the toy poodle and have talked extensively to our friend who is lucky enough to have one in her family.
    We are a family of 4. We have 2 boys aged 15 and 11, my husband currently works from home and I will not be returning to work. We just feel it is a perfect time to be making this next step.
    We are very grateful for any assistance you can give us, or any advice. Many thanks in advance.

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