Agility & Assistance Videos

Martha - Jumping an agility course fence
Martha Jumping

Poodles love to do Agility and we have sold several puppies specifically into homes for this purpose. Agility can be enjoyed at any level but in some cases our puppies have actually reached Crufts Level.

Martha, Pam & Olympic Torch
Martha, Pam & Olympic Torch

Martha recently went to the UKA Nationals where she qualified for the Tugg-e-Nuff challenge final. She now competes at Senior level in the performance and Champion at the steeplechase. She also had the honour of holding the Olympic torch during London 2012 together with her owner Pam!

The videos below are of Sherrygold Martha enjoying her training – she can also play Football!


Sherrygold Ruby Glow has now reached the Top Level of her Assistance Dog Training
These videos show her one year into her training with her disabled owner Suzanne and her daughter. They now have a second Sherrygold dog in training.

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  1. Your dogs are so great! I am looking for a puppy who I can train in various ways, so am looking for an intelligent, calm, inquisitive puppy for my nine year old daughter and I to enjoy. I grew up with Border Collies, another intelligent breed and really enjoyed teaching them to have great enriched lives. I love walking too so would love a companion for long walks :) I unfortunately have acquired asthma as an adult and feel that a poodle would give me what I need as a companion with the benefit of being least likely to trigger me. I was wondering if you had any pups available, and if so, if we could communicate more with a view to meeting you. Thanks in advance, take care, Julie

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