Gilda - Sherrygold Devil's Blast at Valetta - 10 months old
Gilda – 10 months old
Bred by Sue Thomas owned by Valerie & Susan Dunn (Valetta)
Sherrygold Devil’s Blast at Valetta
Sire Valetta Blastaway
Dam Sherrygold Devil Turns Red
 Multiple wins in her puppy classes and now looking forward to joining the big girl classes during the coming year!

2 Comments on “Gilda

  1. Hello, a friend of mine is looking for an apricot puppy some time after the summer holidays. I’m a groomer and I groom a beautiful bitch that the owner bought from Valerie. My mum and myself own Min Pins and my mum knows Valerie too. Could you let me know if you or anyone you know will be having a litter around august? My friend is very keen to get a carefully bred puppy and would rather wait for the right one rather than rushing into something. Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi, we are looking for a family pet so kind temperament is our priority. After a lot of research and thought we believe a poodle is best for us. Can you advise regarding waiting lists, prices and indeed if we are suitable owners of a miniature poodle. We have a 5 year old child and we are a very active outdoors family. We love the colour of Gilda but we are open minded and a kind temperament is the most important factor for us.

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