We are not expecting to have a litter of puppies until the end of the Covid 19 pandemic.  Our puppies are always Optigen DNA genetically hereditarily non affected from prcd PRA.
Please email: sherrygoldpoodles@hotmail.com  to be kept informed of future planned litters.
Please do be aware beforehand that our puppies may not be bred from and that there is always a waiting list for our puppies.

We have a litter of puppies about 3/4 times a year, always carefully planning pedigrees in advance so as to improve the breed. We occasionally have puppies available to approved loving homes only, and once in a while have an older poodle in need of an excellent home.

Poodle Puppies - 12 Hours old
Poodle Puppies – 12 Hours old

All our puppies have a Puppy Contract within which is a vet check guarantee and all are sold not to be shown or bred from, as,  without exception, we want them to go to happy family homes only.

All are guaranteed not to be affected with prcd-Pra as our breeding stock is DNA tested with Optigen in the USA. The Optigen DNA test is by far the most advanced form of testing available now, as opposed to the ordinary Opthalmic eye test for PRA.

We do not have other breeds, only Miniature and Toy Poodles and we strongly disagree with the indiscriminate crossing of Poodles with other breeds such as can be seen on the internet by kennels pertaining to be reputable.

If you are considering the purchase of a crossbred or even a pedigree puppy from such an establishment or through an online newspaper advertisment please think very carefully because although some of these kennels are now even Optigen DNA testing the parents, they are charging extortionate prices for what is a crossbred puppy that may suffer from numerous health problems inherent within the breeds of both parents, and may not be socialised properly if too many puppies are being bred. Always ask how many breeds the breeder has and whether they DNA test both parents for any genetic diseases that are inherent within their breeds.  PRA as it is very prevalent in Poodles and we test for it as a matter of course.

A combination of sensible questioning and careful thinking are required when purchasing a puppy. If you don’t get a straight answer, go elsewhere!

To see more video and pictures of some puppies we have bred, please see the Gallery links.

109 Comments on “Puppies

  1. Hi. Do you have any puppies at the moment? We would love to add a little girl to our family (toy poodle). With all the puppy farming going on we don’t know where to look for a little one. Please contact me if you have any. Thanks. Staines area

  2. hello, looking for a boy – toy or miniature
    would you have any litters now , or in near future?
    thanks and regards

  3. I am currently looking for a toy or miniture poodle to join our family. I have been looking for a while but I only want a pure baby that has been well cared for. Can you let me know if a cream poodle becomes available. Thank you

  4. Good evening, I came across your site today and was wondering if you have any toy poodle puppies coming up for sale soon and what price? Our little toy poodle ‘Ollie’ passed away last year and now we would like to have another little bundle of fun in the house. We live in Nottingham and had our ollie for 13years. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards

  5. Hello
    Have seen your posting on the net but can see it’s from 2014 so I’m not too hopeful of being lucky at present, however here goes. My wife and I have recently retired and can now dedicate our time to the new patter of tiny feet in our life. We live in the country and are interested in a miniature poodle pup that will be raised in a lovely home with plenty of healthy walks on the door step. Are you in a position to offer us a pup now or in the near future?
    Will keep fingers crossed. Peter & Doreen.

  6. Thank goodness I’ve found you🙏🏻 I’ve been searching for a miniture black or apricot puppy for ages. Been to see a few now, but no luck as yet. Could I please submit my details to be considered for a future forever loving home. I have empty nest syndrome so this puppy will be adored 💞

  7. Am looking for a brown toy poodle for my mum she lost her male one in September, he was 15.
    Do u have any litters ready please and what are your prices thanks

  8. Good afternoon
    I was looking for information please, I would be looking to purchase a Toy Poodle preferably red/apricot for my 15 year old daughter who currently whelps in my friend’s dog grooming parlour, I have had 3 kerry blue terriers & 1 soft coat wheaten terrier. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


  9. Good evening, I am just at the beginning of my search for a puppy to join our family next year. We currently have 3 dogs – 2 lurchers and a good old fashioned crossbreed! I am a school secretary and also run my own dog training and socialisation club one evening a week. My husband is disabled so I am also a registered Dog A.I.D. trainer (Dog Assistance in Disability)
    I have spoken to my vet and discovered for myself the intelligence of poodles and we have decided we would really like to add a miniature poodle to our family.
    My husband works split shifts so that the dogs are never left alone for any length of time. They have a long walk every morning before I leave for work and by the time I go to work, my husband is home again.
    I would dearly love a poodle of my own to train and also to show. We attend lots of fun shows with the dogs we have. In the past, we had a pedigree cocker spaniel and we used to take her to open shows. Unfortunately we lost her 7 years ago so have been concentrating on the fun side of showing since then.
    We also have our 21 year old son still living at home. Our other son lives in France.
    I would be really interested to hear from you about any plans you may have for a litter next year please. I know this is a long way in advance, but we like to make sure we are thoroughly prepared and want to ensure we find the best puppy with the best possible start in life. Your website was very informative.

  10. Hello,
    i am interested in finding a female white toy poodle puppy, i was wondering if you ever have white litters? thank you

  11. Hello! –
    I am interested in giving a home to a female toy poodle-I have had a toy poodle in the past – Stevie- a wonderful chocolate lovely with an amazing personality – he was blind from birth and was rescued from a breeder who was going to ‘dispose’ of him as he couldn’t sell or breed him due to his blindness- A local rescue centre managed to persuade him to let them re-home the puppy and that is where we came into the picture! Stevie is no longer with us and the time has come for another little lovely to join us!
    I am retired and live at home with my husband who is also retired –
    We have our own home with a garden and live in an area with lots of dog walking paths! I would like a really small girl toy poodle, preferably an adult but perhaps a puppy- I would also consider having two siblings!

  12. Hi,

    I’m looking for a miniature poodle puppy, preferably red in colour.
    I’m just enquiring as to when you might have a litter of puppies. And if indeed you might have red puppies.
    Thank you so much for your time.

  13. Recently lost our brilliant little mate after 14 years. We are hurting so much. Please can you help us. Sincerely, Judith.

  14. Recently lost our best little mate after 14 wonderful years. Please can you stop the hurt Many thanks. Jydith.

  15. Please let me know if you are expecting any black miniature poodle puppies in the near future or know where I can purchase one, I am anxious. Many thanks, Judith.

  16. I’m looking for a red, silver or chocolate toy bitch puppy. Please contact me if you have any new puppies or if your planning to breed soon.
    Regards Olivia

  17. we lost our baby roscoe miniature poodle aged 12 two years ago and we are now looking for a new little fellow after our holiday in august . would you have any pups for homing any time after august as we now feel ready to be mum and dad again .

  18. I am looking for a toy poodle pup and see that you are expecting a litter shortly. Please can you let me know whether you are expecting a litter of toy poodle and the cost and colour.

  19. I am looking for a toy poodle pup. Please can you let me know whether you are expecting a toy poodle pups and the cost and colour.

  20. We’re after a poddle to replace one that died a few years ago we live a few minutes from wollaton park a huge open space thanks john humphrey

  21. Your poodles look so lovely. I am looking for a black girl toy poodle puppy. I do not want to breed from her. I am now retired and home most of the time now.
    Would you please let me know when you may have a puppy available and the price.

  22. I will be looking for a puppy next july 2018. I will be retired,as is my husband. We had dogs as children but this will be our first togetherand we want to make sure we do everything right. We have a dog proof garden and a ready made friend for our puppy as our daughter has Ernie, a friendly young French Bulldog. Can you give us any advice on how to find a healthy puppy that we can love?

  23. Hi, I am currently owned by a 7year old Bolognese, we where hoping to be joined by a Havanese puppy in the spring, but the pregnancy has, unfortunately, failed, so I’m exploring other options.
    Ideally we would like a puppy about easter time. We would be looking for an active dog that would enjoy long walks and taking agility classes. I have known several poodles and always been impressed by their intelligence and sense of independence.
    Look forward to hearing from you

  24. Hi Sue,
    I was given your name by a member of the kennel club. I am looking for a black male toy poodle as a companion for my mother in law and wondered if you would be able to help. I appreciate that there is a waiting list and would like to go on it if possible.
    Thank you in advance.

  25. Hello, My name is Ariane. I was wondering when you would have your next litter? we are a family of five and we feel that a toy poodle would be perfect for us. Would it be possible to reserve one, and if so how expensive would they be.
    Thanks! Ariane.

  26. I would like to purchase a toy poodle the dog would have a very good home
    Do you have any
    Kind regards

  27. I recently lost my lovely Ollie at 15 and a half. I am thinking about a puppy as we have a younger dog Alfie who is nine and missing his friend. Looking primarily for a toy boy, phantom if you have any.

  28. My husband and I are retired and are home all day. We are interested in a poodle as we have had them in the past and are they are wonderful dogs. We would like to know if you have any older dogs available as we’re not sure if we’d be the best owners for a puppy at our age. (young 66) Please let us know if you have a female and the price. We live in South Florida. Thanks, Lynn and Bill

  29. Hi there I am looking for a toy poodle and want to purchase from a reputable breeder. Are you able to offer this or even recommend one.


  30. Hi Sue having just lost our 2 lovely girlies in November 😥 we are be interested in a poodle. How much are your pups and is there a chance of a pup becoming available in the next few months. We would prefer a bitch 🐩 Janie and Jon Wellman North Devon

  31. Hi, my wife and I are looking for a red male toy poodle puppy. Do you have any planned litters or do you know any reputable breeders you could recommend.

  32. Hello ,seeing if you can help or give me some more information ,myself and family (husband and kids) are looking for a new addition to our family after 3 years of making sure we are ready and looking at lots of different dogs we would love a poodle, if you could let me know any more about if you have any puppies for sale or will soon I would love to hear from you .many thanks katie

  33. Please could you put me on your waiting list for your next litter of puppies? We are looking for a miniature poodle for our family pet.

  34. Hi,

    I have just been looking at your website, we are very keen to have a toy poodle, and wondered if you are planning on breeding any puppies this year?

    Thank you

  35. Hello, I am interested in one of your miniature puppies. I own a dog day care centre (small home from home environment) so it always be with me!

  36. Hi I have a beautiful poodle who is 12 years old.He is tiny compared to my Bichon who is 4 yrs.
    We obviously want our poodle to live forever. He is pretty fit for his age.We would dearly like to purchase a pup to make the transition easier.Though you can never replace one dog with another.
    Our Bichon is quite a big boy But as we are getting older are looking for a smaller white poodle.
    And just wondered if you had any plsns to breed a white poodle
    Kindest Regards
    Sue Moule

  37. I am interested in purchasing a puppy…..but I know that a lot of people are!
    My mother, Mrs Gwen Holbourn, bred and showed Standards for many many years, so I understand the poodle temperament.
    I cannot have a Standard as I have a ground floor flat and when my mother died I brought her Standard, Pepper, to live with me.
    I soon realised that a large dog would be an impossibility!
    I also know from mum that it is possible to book a puppy when litters become available, which can be quite a while.
    Please can you let me know if there will be anything available some time next year.
    Yours hopefully
    Shelagh West

  38. I am looking for an apricot miniature poodle bitch. I work at a primary school and the puppy will be with me at the school daily and will also be with the children at certain times, particularly those with special educational needs.

  39. Hello,
    I am looking for a red female miniature or toy poodle. Are you breeding this year?

    I’m a dog groomer in south East of Ireland, excited to begin showing, grooming competition, agility and more.

    5 star home

    Looking forward from hearing from you,
    Heather Hayden

  40. Hello,

    I am very interested in being put on the waiting list for a poodle. It seems like your puppies are all socialized properly, raised and treated as pets (this is important to me as this would be the purpose of my dog!), and tested for common diseases in the breed. What is the normal amount of time to wait for a puppy and approximately how much are they?

    Thank you!


  41. Hello,

    My name is Heather Hayden, from south east of Ireland. I am wondering if you are breeding any time this year? I am looking for a red female toy or miniature poodle.
    I am a dog groomer, owner of Heather’s grooming studio. I hope to start showing, agility and grooming competitions.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

  42. Hello we are looking for toy poodle puppies. We are based in Bicester Oxfordshire and have 2 older Tibbeten Terriers.

  43. i am looking for atoy poodle bitch i have got a very small yourkshire terrier she is 9 1/2 ins i have just lost my husband and she is pyning so i am going to buy a small toy poodle i would like a red one i spoke to your husband he thinks you have got a litter dew this mounth as i have booked to go away 1st of june for two weeks so i want to get it when i come back i will pay a deposit and the balance when i pick the puppy up if you can tell me how much they are l rodgers

  44. Good Evening

    I am looking for a toy poodle puppy and would consider a boy or girl. My first choice of colour is black if possible.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you can help me in my search for a puppy.
    07470 023505

  45. Good Evening

    I am looking for a toy poodle puppy and would consider a boy or girl. My first choice of colour is black if possible.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you can help me in my search for a puppy.
    07470 023505

  46. Hello I’ve recently lost my miniature poodle to nasal tumor, very sad. So I’m looking for a mature mini poodle to help me make my beds and to chase the cats out of the garden and to learn interesting things like agility and hoopers. I know some breeders do have older dogs for sale occasionally so I thought I’d ask. We have a 17 yr old apricot mini girl still.

  47. Can you tell me if you are expecting toy poodles puppies in near future? ( I have registered)

  48. i am looking to buy an apricot minature bitch some time in the next few months. Will you have an available please?

  49. Can you tell me if you have or are expecting any toy poodle puppies in the near future? ( I am sending this via your website) I have asked to be added to your waiting list in the past, so I think you have my details.
    Thank you

  50. I compete at agility. Next year I shall be seeking a poodle (bitch) to raise in a fun active home and to compete at agility. I have no interest in showing or breeding. Please can you keep me informed of any planned litters.

  51. We looking for a miniature Poodle and came across your website purely by accident!!!
    On a visit to our local Animal Sanctuary we found 2, 12year old mini’s looking for a forever home. Their owner had passed away, we decided to give them a home along with our Cocker Spaniel. We had enormous fun and enjoyment
    from these two little chaps, for 5 years, until they sadly passed away.

    We would love to have another Poodle and are hoping that maybe you could get in touch to discuss. We would happily rehome a lost soul, or a puppy if available. Thank you

  52. I wondered if you currently are breeding miniature poodles. We will be looking for a mini ( either pup or youngish adult) to join our well loved black 11 year old mini
    Thanks very much
    Joan Gould

  53. I wondered if you currently are breeding miniature poodles. We will be looking for a mini ( either pup or youngish adult) to join our well loved black 11 year old mini
    Thanks very much
    Joan Gould

  54. Have kept animals all my life, but particulary “Poodles”. I grew up with a toy chocolate poodle & used to sleep in his basket with him & share his Bonios with him. After him I had a miniature poodle called Sophie, so called because she was born on a sofa. She went everywhere with me & later in life I would carry her in a special bag on my front when she got tired. I have had other dogs since through my married life including Poodles, a Llhasa apso, & a Tibetan terrier, but my 1st love are POODLES. I am now divorced & just moving into a ground floor flat with plenty of space & a wet room as I am Disabled. Once again for the 1st time in 6 years I am able to have a dog again & obviously want it to be a Poodle. Would love a black or chocolate coloured one as these two colours have special memories for me. Could you please advise me as to when you have puppies for sale. I am looking at May time to give me plenty of time to settle into my new flat & prepare for my next Best Friend. Thankyou for your time. Mark Traves.

  55. Hi my name is Bev Jordan, a friend of Irene Brough Seabrook, we are looking for a black toy bitch puppy.

    We have three beautiful girls, 1 black who is 15 bless her, a white who is 14 (tamoretta) and our cheeky Coco who is 3.

    We would love a fourth to grow old with our beautiful Coco.

    Would love to hear from you.

    Best regards

    Bev Jordan

  56. Hello,

    At present I have a 4 year old Male Shih Tzu and would like him to have a companion dog to socialise/play/keep company. I’ve been told that Shih Tzus and miniature poodles are very good companions.
    Do you have any miniature poodles who will not be a show dog but live in a movie g home with an older brother to play and have as a companion.

  57. Hello Sue. It was lovely talking to you on the phone just now. As I explained, for the first time in my life I am contemplating very seriously owning a dog. After very careful consideration of numerous factors, including my son’s eczema, I felt that a miniature toy poodle would be perfect. I don’t like crossbreeds in any way. I loved meeting Clare this morning with Banjo. She spoke so highly of you & it seemed like a “meant to be” chance meeting. I would be very happy, and indeed grateful even to be considered, to wait for your second litter later in the year. I have plenty of exercising space & I am at home full-time. I very rarely go away, & if I do almost always to places where I can take a dog eg. my daughter in Yorkshire. I very much look forward to hearing from you. Warm wishes & do take care in this desperately cold weather. Liz x

  58. Hello
    Can you please let me know when you will have any puppies available phone number is 01536649273 or email colinford1@sky .com

    Thank you

  59. Hi I hope you are well. I was wondering how it is possible to be added to a waiting list for a miniature poodle puppy?
    Many thanks


  60. Hi, we are looking at a miniature poodle as a family pet. I thought I would drop you a message to see what your plans would be for future litters. A bit about us, we are a family of four (children 6 and 10
    Years). I work from home part time. I had dogs whilst growing up and my husband has had a dog as an adult. We don’t have any pets now. I hope that helps. Hope to hear from you. Best wishes Victoria

  61. I have sent a separate e-mail

    We are experienced poodle owners who recently lost our beloved boy to cancer
    Our 8 year old bitch is pining, as are we, so we would love a black dog puppy and are prepared to go down a size

  62. Our adorable poodle bischon mix, Hatty, sadly died last May. She was 20 years old! A remarkable dog and much loved and cherished by all the family. We miss her terribly. We have two black Labradors, 11 and 6. Mother and son which we bred ourselves. They are also very special feel ready to have another puppy now almost a year on.
    We want a reputable breeder registered with the kennel club and are prepared to wait for the right little dog to come along. Please could you let me know what puppies you may have available and if in fact you are allowing viewings at the present time. If not perhaps you could send some pictures. Or if you have a litter coming in the future,
    We live in a village called West Hanney near Oxford.

  63. I am looking to purchase a Toy Poodle, ideally black or brown for my 7 year old Granddaughter who lives with me. I have previously owned a Miniature and a Toy Poodle.
    I would be grateful if you could advise if you are currently expecting a litter or advise me of future planned litters.
    Thank you.

  64. Hi, my name is Kim, I live in Devon, I have a beautiful red toy poodle bitch who is 3, she had a litter for the first last year, I would love to have a black toy poodle puppy to keep her company, I think it is healthy to breed them once or twice, but I am not a professional breeder, I have however KC registered all my pups, & brought them up to be healthy, happy, & well socialized.
    Please let me know if you are planning any black toy poodle puppies, I am looking for blue/ black on both sides.
    Many thanks,
    Kim Bailey.

  65. Hi, we are looking for a new member of our family, we are tbinki g either a toy poodle or a miniature, please could you give me information on what litters you have coming available? Thanks in advance

  66. Hi, We are looking for a toy/Minature poodle.
    We live next to a Nature reserve and out the front of us is a large grass area with 3 lakes so perfect for dog walking and playing ball which our present dog does all the time!! She now stands in the hall way looking at the ball thrower, its her favourite place! We live in a house with a garden.
    It’s just me and hubby at home, our children have left home, my hubby works from home so is home all the time and I work in a school part time, so there is always someone home.
    We do have a 7 year old cockerpoo. Our other dog passed away at the beginning of March, he had a tumour, he was 14 years old. So Amber has been with another dog all her life. We don’t breed from our dogs they are basically my substitute children!!!
    Ideally we were looking for another girl dog, only because our 14 year old was a boy and used to wee up every lamp post constantly even if nothing was coming out, so this time we said we would like to go for another girl.
    If you have any dogs available or you know of anyone who could help, we would be very grateful if you could let us know.

  67. Hi there,

    I was wondering if you have any puppies available at the moment?
    I am looking for a chocolate female.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  68. Hi – we’re interested in getting a toy poodle. How long is your waiting list please? Also, what does a pup cost?

    Many Thanks – Zoe

  69. Hello, we are a couple from London looking for a toy poodle to join our little family.

    Please can you let us know details of any litters which are becoming available.

    Kind regards,
    Howard and Mekki

  70. Hi we are very keen to buy a puppy and are hoping you still have availability on your waiting list. Could I please ask how much you are looking to sell a puppy for. We are having no luck as prices and owners are looking for retirement owners only.

  71. Hi, I have been looking for a miniature poodle to join me as a companion. I have looked at a few litters but have not been satisfied with what I have seen and or heard.

    I would like a little girl to join me, but would also want to buy her from a reputable breeder who has the puppy’s health and well-being first and foremost.


  72. Hi, I have been looking for a miniature poodle to join me as a companion. I have looked at a few litters but have not been satisfied with what I have seen and or heard.

    I would like a little girl to join me, but would also want to buy her from a reputable breeder who has the puppy’s health and well-being first and foremost.


  73. Hi,
    I am looking for a cream or apricot toy poodle for my mum. We have had toy poodles before. We live in Silk Willoughby near Sleaford.
    Do you have any litters due or an older dog please?

  74. Good evening,
    I am wanting to know if you have any bitch toy poodle pups for sale?

    Kind regards


  75. Lovely website.
    We have had x 5 black miniatures during almost 50 years of marriage. Our last friend was 16 plus and was recently put to sleep.
    We thought we would have a toy this time but would hope she would grow to a reasonable size.

  76. I am hoping to buy a miniature poodle as a family pet to replace my much loved jack russell who I recently lost. I like the idea of a dog which doesn’t shed and is a loving companion. Can you let me know if you are planning any litters. Kind regards Sally

  77. Hi, I am looking for a small poodle, preferably a toy, of any colour. I would be very interested in a slightly older poodle, I notice you mention that that you occasionally have an older poodle available.
    I am a retired teacher, live on my own and would have lots of time to devote to a pet who would be the only animal in my home. I live on the edge of a small town close to lovely rural walks.

  78. Hi. I have been looking for a red toy poodle for the last 9/10 months and am not having any joy🙁. First and foremost I am looking for a reputable breeder who really cares about their animals. Do you breed red toy poodles? If not could you please point me in the right direction? Thank you so much for your time. Melanie

  79. Hi we are looking for a minature Poodle pup, could you please advise
    Where are you located and when will you possibly have a litter next ?

    Kind regards

  80. Hello my name is Poly, from Edinburgh, Scotland. I have son and daughter both in their late teens and my husband Rony, we are currently living in a apartment, we are looking for a toy poodle puppy that will make a new addition to our family. I hope we can discuss farther.
    Please email me as soon a possible.
    Thank you for understanding.

  81. Good afternoon we are a newly retired couple living in Alnwick Northumberland. It has been 2 years since we lost our Alfie (Toy) at the age of 15. We are both ready to open our hearts to a new male fur baby. I have had Poodles all my life starting with my grandmas Candy back in 1966 so we don’t take on a new pup without assurance that the little mite will have a 5* star home and care. Could you consider us as new parents. If could let me know the price as this has been a stumbling block during Covid, high prices and all doodles of some sort. We look forward to hearing from you.

  82. Hello,

    Myself and my husband are looking for an older poodle companion. I saw on your website you mention that you sometimes rehome older dogs.

    Please take us into consideration if you do need to rehome a dog.

    We have a great home, with a 200ft garden, off a main road, with a park across the road, a nature reserve 5 minutes walk away, and the beach only 40 minutes away.

    We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have,

    Best wishes

    Letitia and Matthew Burton.

  83. Hello, I am in search for a little girl toy poodle to join our loving family. Please can you contact me.
    I have a budget of £1000.
    Kind regards Sarah Sweeney.

  84. Hello- I am looking for a little girl black toy poodle. Is the litter you are expecting black and toys please? Also how much would it be please?
    I am happy to talk to you on the phone to tell you all about myself. I have had toy poodles before.
    Thanks in advance

  85. Please send me any information you have as I am looking for a puppy for myself. I would like a black toy poodle as I have had this breed before and my last pet lived for 16 years. I was heartbroken when she passed away. i would like a pure bred poodle – not a cross breed.

  86. Interested in any litters you have planned. Keen that I buy from an ethical breeder whose main concern is welfare of their dogs.

  87. Hi,
    My husband and I are retired couple.
    We are very interested in your puppy. We came across your site by accident.
    Please can you kindly tell us how much is your puppy, the buying process and if we can visit you.

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